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Amanda and Kirsten at the BYU vs. TCU game
Bev (grandma) giving Lily a bath
Bev and Celeste infront of the conference center
Bev and Celeste on the cruise in Alaska
Bev and Danielle with Lily
Bev and David waiting for mark to come down the escelator
Bev and Jon at Philmont
Bev on Cope's course at Philmont
Bev, Tessie, and Jonathan at the Salt Lake Temple at Conference 2009
Celeste and a friend graduation from high school
Celeste and Friends 110
Celeste and Jay at Prom
Celeste and Kirsten fooling around on the four wheeler in Oklahoma
Celeste and Kirsten in Oklahoma on the land (2)
Celeste and Kirsten in Oklahoma on the land (3)
Celeste and Kirsten in Oklahoma on the land
celeste and mikayla
Celeste at the Conference center
Celeste goofing off with friends
Celeste with Jessie
Celeste's senior picture (2)
Celeste's senior picture (3)
Celeste's senior picture
Daielle pregnant and graduating from BYU
danielle and friends in college
Danielle and Lily after Lily was born
Danielle and Lily at the Lake in Oklahoma
Danielle and Lily in Boston
Danielle and Michael and Boston Red Sox game
Danielle and Michael in Boston
Danielle graduation from BYU
Danielle's BYU Graduation
Danielle's Graduation from BYU
Danille, Michael, and Lily in Boston
David and Celeste going swimming
David and Chad at the BYU vs. TCU game
David and friends at twilight camp
david and mark in Oklahoma
David at a school event
david at danielle's wedding dinner
David at the Pinewood Derby
David at Twilight Camp 2009
David at Twilight Camp- 2009
David at Twilight camp
David participating in the flag ceremony at Philmont
David playing football in the front yard
David playing soccer
Davit at twilight camp
efy 163
efy 173
efy 203
efy 205
engagement night
engagment photos1
engagment photos2
Family at Celete's graduation
family photo (around 2005)
Family pictures, Jan-March 2008_0008_edited-1
Grandma Roberts and Lily
Jon and Matt in the plane in Oklahoma during Spring Break
Jon, Bev, and Celeste at Celete's Personal Progress Recognition
Jonathan (grandpa) with Lily
Jonathan and Bev
Jonathan at Philmont- flag ceremony
Jonathan, Beverly, and David at a Frisco baseball game
kirsten and amanda fighting over pudding
Kirsten and Amanda
Kirsten and Celeste at the Conference Center infront of the Temple
Kirsten and Dad at Philmont
Kirsten at her high school soccer game
Kirsten at her piano recitle
Kirsten with her violin in Austin at State
kirsten, amanda, and zach (friend)
Kirsten, Bev, and Celeste infront of the Conference Center
Lily in apartment in Boston
Lily in Boston 2
Lily's blessing day- Bev made the dress
Mark a work
mark driving in a snow storm on the way to Utah in April
mark on tractor on land in Oklahoma
mark senior pictures1
mark senior pictures2
Mark with Lily in Oklahoma on Spring Break 2009
michael and danielle and lily at Salt Lake Temple
michael and danielle
Michael and Lily in Boston
Michael, Danielle, and Lily in Boston
Michael, Danielle, and Lily
Michael, Danielleand Lily in front of Temple
People Mark taught
Riley- family dog
ryan and kirsten in front of Reno Temple
The Family minus Mark
The Family when mark gets home
The Family with Tessie infront of the Conference Center
visiting mark's mission 1
visiting mark's mission 3
visiting mark's mission 4
visiting mark's mission 5
visiting mark's mission- at LA Temple 2
visiting mark's mission- at LA Temple
visiting marks mission 2
waiting for Mark to get home from his mission
wedding dinner
wood mark split on land

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