Reunion 2012

The family reunion will be held at Bucks Lake. Plan on going to Church in Quincy then after Church on July 1 we will be heading up to bucks Lake camp ground. July 4 we will have a Father and son camp out at Rock Lake. Everyone that want to attend is invited. 

Click on Image for photo album. Don't forget to check out the past Reunions on the links on the right.


July 1 - Attend Church then Travel to Bucks Lake



July 4 - BBQ at the Christenson's Mission Farewell


July 5 - Father and Son Camp Out to Rock Lake


Rock Lake

Rock Lake hike from 2009





Bridge Jumping











Pictures From Bucks Lake

Pictures taken from the family reunion at Bucks Lake LDS Camp. This was a great year for the Roberts Reunion. Thanks to everyone that made this so enjoyable.





Pictures Playing Watermelon Polo



Pictures of the "Brave" that perticipated in Watermelon Polo. Object of the game. Push the watermelon to the goal on 20 feet away underwater. while not getting frost bite in 20 below sub zero. Ok not quite but it sure felt like it.



Pictures Jumping off the Bridge

Not for the weak. Pictures taken of Family members jumping from the bridge into Bucks Lake. Bride was approx. 150 feet. Well, that is what Matt keeps telling everyone.







Pictures of Family Hike to Rock Lake


Pictures Taken from Fathers and their Children hiking to Rock Lake. This year we included all those that wanted to make the hike from Silver Lake to Rock Lake. This is always a great event for the Fathers and their boys. We spend time with our boys teaching them around the camp fire and having cobbler. No Cobbler is left over.











Kenny under the wrath of Grandma. Is he going up or down






Skit on Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah.